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The Cybersecurity Agency

for the Luxembourg Economy and Municipalities

About Us

The agency’s multidisciplinary team of 40+ experts demonstrates a high level of competence in various fields of expertise related to information security.

The Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity (LHC), formerly known as SECURITYMADEIN.LU, contributes to the Luxembourg economy’s trustworthiness by providing extensive cybersecurity expertise and solutions to SMEs and companies of all sizes as well as Municipalities through its 2 centres:

  • CIRCL (Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg)
  • NC3 (National Cybersecurity Competence Center – Luxembourg), the newly created entity out of the consolidation of CASES and C3 and in close collaboration with the Luxembourg cybersecurity ecosystem’s players.

The agency also fosters the investigation and development of new market segments with high added value such as cyber exercises, threat intelligence and cyber insurance.

Members (shareholders)

LHC is an Economic Interest Group owned by:

The management board is composed of representatives of all shareholding members.

The financing details and mission statement of LHC is governed by a 5-year agreement signed between the g.i.e. and its supervisory ministry, the Ministry of the Economy.

Creation History and Articles of Association

The agency was born from the need to preserve and enhance, within a permanent structure, the results obtained through many years of work in the field of information security activity of: CASES and CIRCL and the results of all Luxembourg activities supported by the European program ‘Safer Internet’ (now known under the name BEE SECURE). Its activities and goals build on the „Information and Communication Systems Security Strategy“ defined by the Ministry of the Economy in 2003 and are continuously adjusted in coherence with the national Cybersecurity Strategy.

Further adjustments and details, like the recent name change, can be found in the Luxembourg Business Register.


Motivated team mates





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