Topic of the Month

Cyber Insurance: is it indispensable or unnecessary?

  1. Introduction “Security leaders are under a lot of pressure to show quick wins while knowing full well that everything they do will be heavily scrutinized and challenged, and ultimately, they will pay the price for things that are not under their control.

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Cyber Exercises: Practice makes perfect…in cybersecurity, too!

  1. Introduction “The five most efficient cyber defenders are: Anticipation, Education, Detection, Reaction and Resilience.

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Encryption: the unnoticed law enforcement force in cyberspace

  1. Introduction “We still need encryption, and with the challenges we face on cybersecurity, encryption remains even more essential to protecting safety and commerce online.

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Safer User Authentication & Password Hygiene

  1. Introduction “If I wanted to see your e-mails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts.

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Mobile Devices & Bring Your Own Device

  1. Introduction “The only constant in the technology industry is change.

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Social engineering: the art of manipulating people

  1. Introduction & Definition “Social Engineering uses influence and persuasion to deceive people by convincing them that the social engineer is someone he is not, or by manipulation.

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