CIRCL contributes to the Verzion annual DBIR report


The Verizon DBIR (Data Breach Investigation Report) is a benchmark for anyone following the evolution of the data leakage or theft situation. It provides an accurate overview of the latest trends in attack vectors, the success rate of these attacks, and their impact. It is a great source of information for all CISOs and other security officials when it comes to developing their prevention strategy and setting priorities for action.

Some trends emerge clearly from the DBIR:

1. Ransomware continues to gain momentum, especially in terms of its impact.

2. Phishing is always present. Although its volume has dropped significantly, the quality has improved significantly, making the latest phishing attacks extremely effective. The recent attacks on 3D Secure in Luxembourg are a good example.

3. Hacking (the use of stolen identifiers to access resources) is also on the rise.

4. Errors in configuration or during data transmission are also increasing.

To produce this report, the DBIR relied on the open-data platform set up by CIRCL, which collects all data from different channels. CIRCL also publishes local statistics which give a more precise view of the situation in Luxembourg (illustration below).