D4 Project in numbers


What has been happening in the D4 project for the past 3 years and a half? Numbers speak for themselves:

  • 22708 hours of work at CIRCL for D4 project in 3 years and 6 months
  • 112 organisations (26 EU Member States) got access and use the D4 project data
  • D4 project infrastructure at CIRCL is composed of 14+ bare-metal servers on a 10 Gbit/s Internet network capacity
  • 30+TB of metadata collected by D4 project including Passive DNS, Passive SSL, dark-web monitoring and network telescope
  • 50 repositories of Open Source code

The D4-project is a large-scale distributed sensor network that monitors DDoS and other malicious activities. This network relies on an open and collaborative platform developed and managed by CIRCL. It is possible for all interested private and public entities to join the project freely.

It is just the beginning of new open source tools and building blocks to improve security.