Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg: in the starting blocks

The 4th edition of the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg will take place from 19 to 29 october

The Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg is the national advocacy campaign involving a wide range of partners. The 2020 edition will take place in October, from 19th to 29th, in the frame of the European Cybersecurity Month. In just four years, the campaign became the unmissable event of the year for information security professionals, innovators, investors and decision makers. As a fast-paced growing campaign, the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg counted more than 40 events and 50 partners last year.

Despite the particular circumstances this year, our sponsors have made it possible.

A big Thank you!


20 October

Moving from a Cybersecurity mindset to Cyber Resilience with Fujitsu

Digital Privacy Salon: CRYPTO WARS with BEE SECURE

20, 21, 27, 28 October

Cybersecurity with Cyberforce by Post and EBRC

21 October

Cybersecurity: Mitigating Risk during and after COVID-19 with ABBL and EIB

21 - 22 October

Cybersecurity Luxembourg Startup Pathway

22 October

Why Cybersecurity matters more than ever with FEDIL

Selecting a Cybersecurity solution from a forest of options

Les applications de traçage Covid-19 et vos données personnelles with APDL

23 October

Encryption Europe Annual Meeting

26 October

Protect from credential stuffing attacks and account takeovers with Westcon European Operations

26 - 29 October

PwC Cybersecurity Days

27 - 28 October

Cybersecurity & Data Protection Days with Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg

27 October

Cyberattack - Legal aspects and interaction between the lawyer and the various stakeholders with Arendt

28 October

How employee behavior drives cyber resiliency in your organization? with Accenture

28 - 29 October

Concordia Open Door 2020

29 - October

Online Awards Night

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