First release of Cerebrate

In the scope of the Open platform and tools to facilitate the collaboration among Computer Security Incident Response Teams project funded by the EU commission, CIRCL is pleased to announce the first release version of Cerebrate (1.

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MISP Summit 0x06

On Thursday 21st October 2021, the 6th MISP summit took place online and gathered a huge attendance with an agenda full of interesting presentations.

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François Bausch, launched the “Cyber Range” platform of the Luxembourg Defence

On 20 October 2021, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, François Bausch, launched the “Cyber Range” platform of the Luxembourg Defence.

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CASES has released Fit4Privacy

Fit4Privacy is a self-assessment tool developed by CASES to help organisations assess to what extent they are in control of their personal data risks.

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RECAP CSB#48 - Can we use the CyberSecurity Act to improve the current information security baseline?

The arrival of the CyberSecurity Act (CSA) comes as a wind of change: a European Cybersecurity Certification Framework could be of help for SMEs and bigger companies alike.

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Efficient NIS reporting with MISP

If you are wondering how MISP can be used in the framework of the NIS Directive User Community to share not only the observed attacking techniques but also the reporting, NISDUC has just published a Lessons Learnt report “NISDUC Lessons learnt –vol.

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